Testimonial Brandy Dave

 “We appreciate your time and knowledge. You have given us wonderful information and direction for a plant based lifestyle. Thank you again for your time, it has been a wonderful learning experience for us.” David George, Health Coach

Testimonial – Bryce

“My name is Bryce, I am 65 y/o and retired. I was not as active as I once was, and overweight. I needed a change and found it with David. In the short time I’ve known him, I have lost a total of 42 lbs. In April I weighed 231 lbs and had been on … Continue reading Testimonial – Bryce

Testimonial – Cesar

“Dave has helped me tremendously with food education which has changed my diet for the better. Explaining the pros and cons of a meat and dairy based diet and the studies behind eating meat and dairy. Along with coaching me on which vegetables and fruits to eat… I look forward to learning more from him!” … Continue reading Testimonial – Cesar

Testimonial – Mark

“Dave has been a positive, driving force in my health journey! He has been inspirational, held me accountable, a great example and helped me set higher goals that I didn’t know were possible for me to attain. He is kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and will ‘kick me in the pants’ if I need it to help … Continue reading Testimonial – Mark

Testimonial – Cheryl

“Thank you for your help Dave! I didn’t know what to expect when I started, but now am feeling so much better, have more energy and understand why my food choices are so important to my health. Thanks for all your time and guidance!” David George, Health Coach